Upcycling clothes into rugs!

Upcycling clothes into rugs!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wait -- it's almost the end of June? I lost a few weeks somewhere!

Well, last week the family went on vacation to Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. It is a beautiful place, very green and hilly, which I always appreciate after living in flat as a board Illinois. But you don't want to hear about our vacation. You really don't. There would be words like "nausea", "diarrhea", "intestinal cramps" and of course "thunderstorms and record rainfall".
The only bright spot in the whole week was when Justin pulled out a small box and asked Katie to marry him. Tears were shed. Facebook posts were instantly texted. So between now and next June 9, there may some wedding posts. I apologize in advance, but I've been waiting 21 years for my baby to be a bride, and I'm going to go whole hog.
I posted a handful of jewelry on Etsy over the last two days, and I'm really interested to see how my "pi" necklaces do. I think they're adorable, but all parents think their offspring is wonderful. See, you find the bullseye bead. That's the decimal. The three yellow beads to the left start it off.... 3.14 etc. To 100 places to pi! Because I use odds and ends of bright colored beads, each is a unique creation...and a possible source of cheating in class. 

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