Upcycling clothes into rugs!

Upcycling clothes into rugs!

Monday, April 18, 2011

A New Beginning

I lost access to my old blog, so I'm starting over. In more ways than one. I've had my Etsy site up for about a month now, and made three sales, which thrilled/petrified/astonished me beyond belief. Now I just need time to weave, and get my supplies together. Katie will be home from college in less than a month, and the plan right now is to make over the basement for her room (with the Ulterior Motive of making it into a weaving studio once she's out on her own).
As for my story, I am a fourth-generation weaver, and I learned at my grandmother's knee. My great-grandfather had a huge iron-beamed Union loom that he wove rugs on exclusively, and sold to the neighbors, along with Watkins products and the honey and beeswax he collected from his hives. My great-aunt Hazel continued the practice, although she did tend toward the scary bright double-knit materials, which made rugs that were hideous, but lasted forever. My grandmother was the first to branch out into smaller and more complex looms, weaving baby blankets, shawls, tablecloths and more on her Schacht looms. She raised me, and I knew how to tie fringe knots before I knew how to tie my shoes. My biological mother, being the butterfly that she was, never lit long enough to learn to weave much, but she did carry my grandmother's handwovens to St. Louis, where she sold them hand over fist for exorbitant amounts. When I married, I left weaving behind for quite a few years, as I was busy raising babies. My children, though, spent lots of time at "Nana"'s house, and they all picked up weaving quite handily. My son actually tends to be the best of us all, as he's very picky about his selvedges.
When we moved into the country, I was given a 46" 4 harness Schacht loom, which I must admit, I have neglected more than I should have. But now, I'm trying to get my weaving business off the ground, which takes a whole lot of work.

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